Church Transformation

What does that mean?

St. Charles UMC will begin working on the exploration, evaluation, and research necessary to discern best opportunities to implement recommendations offered to us in the Church Transformation Report. If you have not read the report, click the link below. We are excited about our future of expansion and growth with our Children's Day Out Program, Matthew 25:35 Food Pantry Ministry, Worship, Outreach, Children, Youth, and Missions Ministries. We will be making diligent efforts to raise up new leaders, strengthen our hospitality, update our brand, improve our communications, strengthen our staff, ensure the safety of our programs, and create new and effective paths of discipleship for those inside and outside the church. For questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Michelle or one of your Church Council members. This is an exciting time to see God at work in our wonderful church. The work may be difficult at times and the change may be challenging, but we are confident in our abilities as we continue to love and include all involved.

Church Transformation Report Available Here