Missionary Julius Esunge


Hope Outreach International Ministries was founded by Julius  Esunge in Cameroon West Africa.  It's mission statement is "Evangelizing the Lost, empowering orphans, equipping harvesters."

We were blessed on January 8, 2019 to hear Dr. Julius Esunge speak often of how Hope Outreach International Services, HOIM, has lived up to its mission statement; “attempting something for Christ that unless He is in it, it is doomed to fail”.  Julius and his family have established a Christian grammar school, Hope Academy. 

Dr. Esunge received a doctorate of mathematics at LSU when he first established his ministry.  Julius holds numerous evangelistic outreach events and discipleship training events, supporting orphanages.

 Charles Stanley's InTouch magazine featured Dr. Esunge for his work in Cameroon, Julius lives with his family in Virginia, where Julius is associate professor of mathematics at William and Mary University. You can read the article at


Julius is a humble yet dynamic evangelist and you do not want to miss an opportunity to hear him. More information will be posted here about his next visit.