Kairos LCIW

Kairos Prison Ministry is a lay-led, ecumenical, international prison ministry which brings Christ's love and forgiveness to incarcerated individuals. The purpose of Kairos is to establish strong Christian communities among the prison population in correctional institutions. This is accomplished  by small share and prayer groups who meet weekly to share their lives on a deep spiritual level.The introduction to the Kairos community is a 31/2 day retreat weekend for usually 30 residents led by volunteers, where you can see God changing lives.  

The prison return rate for the normal prison population can be as high as 80%, yet the return rate is less than 25% for inmates who have participated in Kairos.  Kairos changes lives and breaks the cycle of incarceration.

Follow the links below to find out more how you can serve in this most rewarding ministry. 
For information regarding the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women in St. Gabriel, LA visit: www.kairoslciw.org
For information regarding Angola visit: www.kairosangola.org
For for information regarding Kairos international visit: www.kairosinternational.com