United Methodist Committee on Relief


The United Methodist Committee on Relief (U.M.C.O.R.)

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (U.M.C.O.R.) is the not-for-profit global humanitarian aid organization of the United Methodist Church. UMCOR is working in more than 80 countries worldwide, including the United States. It’s mission, grounded in the teachings of Jesus, is to alleviate human suffering—whether caused by war, conflict or natural disaster, with open hearts and minds to all people. UMCOR responds to natural or civil disasters that are interruptions of such magnitude that they overwhelm a community's ability to recover on its own.

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) is the yearly collection of money from all United Methodist churches to support justice ministries throughout the world by covering administrative costs for UMCOR.  When a disaster strikes, SCUMC responds with special collections and/or projects (such as flood buckets). For more information visit  www.umcor.org.

UMCOR Sager Brown

Sager Brown in Baldwin, Louisiana, is one of two UMCOR major supply depots in the USA. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) provides humanitarian relief and disaster response in the United States and internationally. UMCOR is not a first-response organization, but tries to help victims of natural disasters or conflict recover to the point where they can rebuild their communities going forward.  In past years, SCUMC has helped assemble UMCOR relief kits, which can be cleaning/flood buckets, sewing kits, birthing/newborn kits, health kits, bedding kits, school kits, etc. in site as well as collecting funds. Visit http://www.umcor.org/Search-for-Projects/Projects/901515 for more information.