Scrip Program

Scrip Program - Buying Gift Cards without heading to the shopping center.

Shopping made easy by purchasing your gift cards (SCRIP) from our church.  There are many cards in stock and orders can be taken for those that are not and received within a week. Gift Cards (otherwise known as SCRIP) are sold by to earn money.

We buy a variety of over 200 retail, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and travel places which we sell for face value. Since we purchase them for 2 to 20% less than face value, the church makes the difference.

We designate the funds for projects that SCUMC could only wish for because funds are not available to get them. Projects Scrip have helped pay for are a church van, the church sign, the roof of the main building, the upgrade to the sound system in the Sanctuary and the sound system for the Fellowship Hall, a video system to the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary and a one man genie lift for the church.   

See the Scrip Order Form for a list of all participating retailers.  Cards can be picked up at the church office,  or ordered by filling out the SCRIP order form.  Call the church office for more details. 985-764-8292

Earning Money for the Church

Imagine how much the church can make in Scrip money if 100 families use SCRIP!! Your purchases do count!!!

If in ONE month you buy:

Winn Dixie $200
WalMart $200
Shell $100
AMC $50
KFC $40
Chili’s $100
Dillards $100
Home Depot $50
CVS $50
Bath & Body Works $30

If 100 families bought this $920 of Scrip in one month…the church would make $5,560.00!! If we did that each month of the year the church would make $66,720 without anyone having to spend one cent more than they are going to spend anyway!! CAN YOU BE IN THAT NUMBER? Pick up Scrip at the church office.